# To be sung or read with great speed. #

Hark to the *pace*-horn, *chase*-horn, *race*-horn.

And the holy veil of the dawn has gone.

Swiftly the brazen car comes on.

It burns in the East as the sunrise burns.

I see great flashes where the far trail turns.

Its eyes are lamps like the eyes of dragons.

It drinks gasoline from big red flagons.

Butting through the delicate mists of the morning,

It comes like lightning, goes past roaring.

It will hail all the wind-mills, taunting, ringing,

Dodge the cyclones,

Count the milestones,

On through the ranges the prairie-dog tills --

Scooting past the cattle on the thousand hills. . . .

# To be read or sung in a rolling bass,

with some deliberation. #

Ho for the tear-horn, scare-horn, dare-horn,

Ho for the *gay*-horn, *bark*-horn, *bay*-horn.

*Ho for Kansas, land that restores us

When houses choke us, and great books bore us!

Sunrise Kansas, harvester's Kansas,

A million men have found you before us.*

II. In which Many Autos pass Westward

# In an even, deliberate, narrative manner. #

I want live things in their pride to remain.

I will not kill one grasshopper vain

Though he eats a hole in my shirt like a door.

I let him out, give him one chance more.

Perhaps, while he gnaws my hat in his whim,

Grasshopper lyrics occur to him.

I am a tramp by the long trail's border,

Given to squalor, rags and disorder.

I nap and amble and yawn and look,

Write fool-thoughts in my grubby book,

Recite to the children, explore at my ease,

Work when I work, beg when I please,

Give crank-drawings, that make folks stare

To the half-grown boys in the sunset glare,

And get me a place to sleep in the hay

At the end of a live-and-let-live day.

I find in the stubble of the new-cut weeds

A whisper and a feasting, all one needs:

The whisper of the strawberries, white and red

Here where the new-cut weeds lie dead.

But I would not walk all alone till I die

Without some life-drunk horns going by.

Up round this apple-earth they come

Blasting the whispers of the morning dumb: --

Cars in a plain realistic row.

And fair dreams fade

When the raw horns blow.

On each snapping pennant

A big black name: --

The careering city

Whence each car came.

# Like a train-caller in a Union Depot. #

They tour from Memphis, Atlanta, Savannah,

Tallahassee and Texarkana.

They tour from St. Louis, Columbus, Manistee,

They tour from Peoria, Davenport, Kankakee.

Cars from Concord, Niagara, Boston,

Cars from Topeka, Emporia, and Austin.

Cars from Chicago, Hannibal, Cairo.

Cars from Alton, Oswego, Toledo.

Cars from Buffalo, Kokomo, Delphi,

Cars from Lodi, Carmi, Loami.

Ho for Kansas, land that restores us

When houses choke us, and great books bore us!

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