Dim in the distance, sweet in retreating,

Hark to the faint-horn, quaint-horn, saint-horn,

Hark to the calm-horn, balm-horn, psalm-horn. . . .

# This section beginning sonorously,

ending in a languorous whisper. #

They are hunting the goals that they understand: --

San Francisco and the brown sea-sand.

My goal is the mystery the beggars win.

I am caught in the web the night-winds spin.

The edge of the wheat-ridge speaks to me.

I talk with the leaves of the mulberry tree.

And now I hear, as I sit all alone

In the dusk, by another big Santa Fe stone,

The souls of the tall corn gathering round

And the gay little souls of the grass in the ground.

Listen to the tale the cotton-wood tells.

Listen to the wind-mills, singing o'er the wells.

Listen to the whistling flutes without price

Of myriad prophets out of paradise.

Harken to the wonder

That the night-air carries. . . .

Listen . . . to . . . the . . . whisper . . .

Of . . . the . . . prairie . . . fairies

Singing o'er the fairy plain: --

# To the same whispered tune as the Rachel-Jane song --

but very slowly. #

"Sweet, sweet, sweet, sweet.

Love and glory,

Stars and rain,

Sweet, sweet, sweet, sweet. . . ."

The Firemen's Ball

Section One

"Give the engines room,

Give the engines room."

Louder, faster

The little band-master

Whips up the fluting,

Hurries up the tooting.

He thinks that he stands,

# To be read, or chanted, with the heavy buzzing bass

of fire-engines pumping. #

The reins in his hands,

In the fire-chief's place

In the night alarm chase.

The cymbals whang,

The kettledrums bang: --

# In this passage the reading or chanting

is shriller and higher. #

"Clear the street,

Clear the street,

Clear the street -- Boom, boom.

In the evening gloom,

In the evening gloom,

Give the engines room,

Give the engines room,

Lest souls be trapped

In a terrible tomb."

The sparks and the pine-brands

Whirl on high

From the black and reeking alleys

To the wide red sky.

Hear the hot glass crashing,

Hear the stone steps hissing.

Coal black streams

Down the gutters pour.

There are cries for help

From a far fifth floor.

For a longer ladder

Hear the fire-chief call.

Listen to the music

Of the firemen's ball.

Listen to the music

Of the firemen's ball.

# To be read or chanted in a heavy bass. #

"'Tis the


Of doom,"

Say the ding-dong doom-bells.


Of doom,"

Say the ding-dong doom-bells.

Faster, faster

The red flames come.

"Hum grum," say the engines,

"Hum grum grum."

# Shriller and higher. #

"Buzz, buzz,"

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