Says the crowd.

"See, see,"

Calls the crowd.

"Look out,"

Yelps the crowd

And the high walls fall: --

Listen to the music

Of the firemen's ball.

Listen to the music

Of the firemen's ball.

# Heavy bass. #

"'Tis the


Of doom,"

Say the ding-dong doom-bells.


Of doom,"

Say the ding-dong doom-bells.

Whangaranga, whangaranga,

Whang, whang, whang,

Clang, clang, clangaranga,

# Bass, much slower. #

Clang, clang, clang.






Listen -- to -- the -- music --

Of the firemen's ball --

Section Two

"Many's the heart that's breaking

If we could read them all

After the ball is over." (An old song.)

# To be read or sung slowly and softly,

in the manner of lustful, insinuating music. #

Scornfully, gaily

The bandmaster sways,

Changing the strain

That the wild band plays.

With a red and royal intoxication,

A tangle of sounds

And a syncopation,

Sweeping and bending

From side to side,

Master of dreams,

With a peacock pride.

A lord of the delicate flowers of delight

He drives compunction

Back through the night.

Dreams he's a soldier

Plumed and spurred,

And valiant lads

Arise at his word,

Flaying the sober

Thoughts he hates,

Driving them back

From the dream-town gates.

How can the languorous

Dancers know

The red dreams come

# To be read or chanted slowly and softly

in the manner of lustful insinuating music. #

When the good dreams go?

"'Tis the


Of love,"

Call the silver joy-bells,


Of love,"

Call the silver joy-bells.

"Honey and wine,

Honey and wine.

Sing low, now, violins,

Sing, sing low,

Blow gently, wood-wind,

Mellow and slow.

Like midnight poppies

The sweethearts bloom.

Their eyes flash power,

Their lips are dumb.

Faster and faster

Their pulses come,

Though softer now

The drum-beats fall.

Honey and wine,

Honey and wine.

'Tis the firemen's ball,

'Tis the firemen's ball.

# With a climax of whispered mourning. #

"I am slain,"

Cries true-love

There in the shadow.

"And I die,"

Cries true-love,

There laid low.

"When the fire-dreams come,

The wise dreams go."

# Suddenly interrupting. To be read or sung in

a heavy bass. First eight lines as harsh as possible.

Then gradually musical and sonorous. #



And now great gongs whang,

Sharper, faster,

And kettledrums rattle

And hide the shame

With a swish and a swirk

In dead love's name.

Red and crimson

And scarlet and rose

Magical poppies

The sweethearts bloom.

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