to live. I know I hain't good fer nothin' much "-he spoke almost

huskily; he could scarcely get the words to his lips-" but I want ye

to go with me. Won't ye?"

The girl did not answer, but her sobbing ceased slowly, while

Rome stroked her hair; and at last she lifted her face, and for a

moment looked to the other shore. Then she rose. There is a

strange pride in the Kentucky mountaineer.

"As you say, Rome, thar's nobody left but you, 'n' nobody but me;

but they burned you out, we hain't even-yit." Her eyes were on

Thunderstruck Knob, where the last sunlight used to touch the

Stetson cabin.

"Hyeh, Rome!" He knew what she meant, and he kneeled at the

pile of kindling-wood near the kitchen door. Then they stood back

and waited. The sun dipped below a gap in the mountains, the sky

darkened, and the flames rose to the shingled porch, and leaped

into the gathering dusk. On the outer edge of the quivering light,

where it touched the blossomed laurel, the two stood till the blaze

caught the eaves of the cabin; and then they turned their faces

where, burning to ashes in the west, was another fire, whose light

blended in the eyes of each with a light older and more lasting than

its own-the light eternal.


End of the Project Gutenberg Etext of A Cumberland Vendetta, by John Fox Jr.

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